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Mycro Keratin is a company which is dedicated to the ever changing world of hair care.

We produce a vast array of multiple products which promote hair smoothness and replenish the hair in the keratin which it lacks for whatever reason. Our products are formulated via the use of nanotechnology, and we ensure that as the market expands and changes so do we. In the past, our treatment used to be cream based, but we have recently switched over to gel.

The reason for the switch is that is has actually been proven that the gel based treatment is able to be absorbed better by the hair, resulting in more successful treatments. At Mycro Keratin, we understand that the world of hair care is ever changing, and it is therefore why we constantly work at bettering our product for your use.

The purpose of our product is to create smoother, healthier hair by replenishing the proteins which the hair has lost throughout the years. All of our products which you will use post the treatment are sulfate free, and the ingredients which go into the treatments are mainly organic and do not contain harmful toxins.



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